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Senior Yoga Certification
Seniors face increasing challenges and big life changes. Yoga helps with functional strength, healthy range of motion, and a positive stress-response. Learn to see and speak to Seniors as powerful and relevant human beings while offering methods that support graceful aging and total well-being. Chair, Restorative and other age-appropriate techniques including: anatomy & physiology for the changing needs of seniors, sequencing for aging bodies, breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system, & modifications/propping for safety & ease.

Yoga as Integrative Medicine Certification
Go deeper than yoga anatomy and physiology to explore the nervous system & subtle body through philosophy & techniques from all traditions of yoga. Fatten up your teaching tool belt with over 50 comprehensive ideas, all with immediate practical application in classes, workshops & private lessons. Hands on (you will listen, see, do) and interactive, this workshop will re-write your understanding of yogic healing forever.

Advanced Assists and Kinesthetics Certification
Purposeful assisting rapidly accelerates understanding in yoga practice. Yet conventional assisting courses rely on primarily “corrective” adjustments (from the outside in), instead of harnessing the natural intuition of the student. Learn to help students maximize independent learning, increase coordination/muscle memory, while promoting deep, relaxation in action. Hardwire new confidence & knowledge through use of action & resistance, stability & grounding, and intensity & duration.

3-Day Advanced Teacher Training Certification
Expand your definition of vinyasa – move past static breath & flow into dynamic, natural expression & connection. What’s working now and where can you go from here? Let go of right and wrong as you teach and make choices with purpose & precision. Inspire students with intuitive, customized instruction delivered to suit real people of varying abilities and mindsets. Customized discussion, teaching & coaching.

Pranayama and Power Center Certification
Go beyond the six-pack for an in-depth look at both the Metaphorical Core (self-empowerment, spirituality and growth) and the Physical Core, as well as the intricate relationship between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual actions of each. Through practices of pranayama, mindfulness, cleansing kriyas and meditation, you'll learn to create vibrant health, energy, and awareness while learning to share these techniques in your classes and workshops.

Private Yoga Training Certification
Teaching a private yoga lesson is not the same as teaching a yoga class. Get the necessary tools to add Private Yoga Training clients to your current business while exploring: sport-specific training (pros & sports teams), rehab strategies, working with special populations, assessment and realignment of the body, appropriate sequences, progressions and modifications, and creating client breakthroughs. Includes suggested session formats, pricing, and curricular outlines.

Yin & Restorative Yoga Certification
Explore the cooler side of yoga while discovering distinctive differences between Yin & Restorative styles (they're not the same) and how to apply them. Learn history, development & theory (including benefits, when to practice, who should/shouldn't practice), modifications, complimentary techniques (yoga nidra, kriyas, essential oils), and how to create healing homework. Get immediate practical applications for classes of all styles & private sessions.

7-Day Transformation
Lead, Teach and Live Powerfully from your fullest expression or you! Hone your skills as a high-impact leader, including and beyond asana. Unlock your creative vitality while gaining tools/curriculum for facilitating groups and your own retreats. Includes multiple practicums in which you lead/coach the group and receive instructor/peer feedback to increase your influence and contribution through greater power, effectiveness, and deeper connection. 7am - 9pm daily.

Yoga Life Coaching
Yoga Life Coaching incorporates yogic principles (yoga sutras and the work of TKV Desikachar), while remaining immediately helpful to non-yogis and yogis alike. Get tools for classes, workshops and coaching sessions. Find greater connection, deepen communication skills, and discover new possibilities in your own life. You'll be ready to coach at completion.

Energy Anatomy Certification
Explore the many tools of energy work:, the ancient forms of healing that are shifting our modern status quo. Learn to harness this powerful energy for self-healing and personal development. Find a deeper, more profound connection to the Chakra System. Experience how blocked energy can manifest as physical or mental unrest, and experiment with tools to bring balance to your body and spirit.

Advanced Anatomy Certification
Discover anatomy for yoga like never before. Get practical and interactive anatomic principals and key concepts while exploring common injuries and paths to wellness through asana. Further investigate how the body works while diving deep into topics including: connective tissue and mobility, the skeletal system and its effect on asanas, form, function & dysfunction of the muscular system, the relationship between nervous and muscular systems.

Intro to Ayurveda Certification
The ancient healing and nutritional science of Ayurveda offers tools for greater ease and wellbeing in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Learn more about yoga’s sister science and the three primary life force energies (or doshas) that represent all of humankind. Explore ways to determine and understand your own dosha, as well as ways to bring your natural ayurvedic tendencies into perfect balance.

Kids Yoga Certification
Kids love yoga too! Learn intuitive ways to inspire coordination, focus, learning and coping skills in interactive and fun yoga classes for kids (ages 2-12). Teach games and movement to assist kids with calming and concentration, learn songs and chants to stimulate memory and cognition, and leave with lesson plans and a bag of tricks (manual) that will allow endless creative options for younger students.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Nidra Certification
The ancient practices of meditation and yoga nidra are now being carefully studied and used in modern day health applications. Learn more about the history, current research and proven benefits behind these powerful tools, as well as how they're being used in hospitals, military rehab centers, schools and homeless shelters. Get techniques you can integrate instantly into your own workshops, classes & private client sessions.

Prenatal Yoga Certification
Women's bodies change drastically during the various trimesters of pregnancy. What is helpful in one stage can be harmful in another. Learn the fundamentals of yoga & fitness during pregnancy, how to empower students to continue and adapt their movement and fitness regimen through pre- and post-natal, and what tools to offer for the physical and mental changes women experience. Take away safe asana sequences, pranayama and meditation exercises that can support moms-to-be, both during Pregnancy and in the birthing process.

Sacred Texts Certification
From the Hatha Yoga Pradapika to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Upanishads, yoga's many ancient texts provide wisdom and tools to create better relationships, less stress, healthier bodies and greater happiness right now. We'll demystify some of our favorites and compare them to sacred texts from multiple other traditions for greater access, understanding & application. Expand your world and mind through sacred texts.

Sound Healing & Mantra Certification
Eastern & Western Medicine both have long been aware of the healing properties of sound on the central and autonomic nervous systems. Together we'll explore the physical and subtle body (chakras) and how they're affected by various sound therapies, including chant, mantra, singing bowls, gongs and simple rhythmic exercises. Expand your yogic tool-belt with mantra meditation, chants and other auditory tools for well-being and happiness.

Teen Yoga & Meditation Certification
Teens face incredible stressors while preparing for college and just surviving middle school and high school. Yoga helps with concentration, stress relief, test preparation, increased creativity/productivity, and more. Learn yoga sequences, pranayama and meditation techniques specific to teens, along with great tools to share beyond asana (such as the yamas & niyamas) and how they relate to the complicated lives of teens' in today's world.

Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Certification
Are your students getting the most out of their yoga practice? Wouldn't you love to teach a safe, effective and energizing class with no planning? Grow beyond basic sequencing within learned class templates! Broaden your knowledge of creative sequencing while getting tools for teaching freedom. Learn to think on your feet with effective language and actions while teaching a yoga class adaptable to all practitioners.

Postural Anatomy Certification
Enhance your anatomical knowledge by infusing it into a language that both you and your students are able to connect with through verbal physiological guidance. Discover how to compile effective communication from a standpoint of anatomic structures. Not only will you learn ways to optimize the experiences for your class/students, but you’ll gain great insight on how to avoid the onslaught of many common classroom injuries. Now that you host some, or an abundance of anatomical / kinesiology studies, join this module and learn ways to articulate it in a seamless, intelligent, and confident manner.

Yoga for Anxiety, Depression, & ADHD Certification
There is a pressing need for yoga classes to incorporate yogic practices adapted for individuals struggling with mood disorders. 322 million people worldwide live with depression and an estimated 264 million people worldwide have an anxiety disorder. In addition, there has been a 42% increase in the number of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) diagnoses over the last 8 years. In this module you will learn ancient Hatha Yoga practices, combining three elements: physical poses (asanas); controlled breathing, breathing practiced in conjunction with asanas; and meditation techniques to enhance your tool box and cater to your personal needs and/or your students needs.

200 Hour Module Classes

We partner with NEXT yoga to offer 200 hour Teacher Trainings. Click HERE for more information. 

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