What Exactly Do You Learn in The Total Transformation Yoga Teacher Training

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Whether you’re a yoga instructor in Illinois, or elsewhere in the United States, did you know that an estimated 90% of yoga teachers everywhere give instructions to their students that can get them injured over time or in the class?

Do you want to be the teacher that ensures your students are always safe while practicing with you? And do you want to avoid getting into trouble with insurance companies? Then the 7 Day Total Transformation Certification is just the thing you need.

  • According to yoga experts with many years of experience, every yoga pose needs to be perfectly aligned before it can be introduced and taught to your students. At Wild Abundant Life, we have yoga instructors teaching teachers and students alike how to make their yoga practice perfect and ridiculously effective for themselves and their students.

200 Hour Teacher Training and 500 Hour Teacher training courses aside, you’ll learn more in this course than ever before. As soon as you finish the course, you will see massive results in your class size. Many instructors report that after completing the course, their class size tripled!

  • The Total Transformation Yoga Teacher training course teaches you how to apply the 7 core cues for a solid understanding of how anatomy, physics, biomechanics, and adaptation works and how you can teach this to your students.

What is even cooler is that you can keep teaching what you already teach but with this course, you’ll have a transformed turbo boost to apply during your classes to your students. Most instructors want their students to continue practicing yoga for the rest of their life and this course is exactly what you need to give your students the ability to go on and on.

  • This is an incredible training course that you will not find elsewhere. It is something top level yoga instructors of the world already have mastered and recommend mastering it to new yoga instructors.

Once the course is completed and you have the certificate in your hand, you will see a surplus of new students in your class because it is that much worth it.

The 7 Core Cues of Yoga

  • The 7 Core Cues within the course are based on the understanding of myofascial meridians - the fact that the muscles inside your body run in holistic, whole-body lines, and not singular muscles.

Every student has unique joint alignment and the standard for cueing has to change or else you could end up hurting your students. This is why a lot of yoga instructors spend time learning the laws of Physics in the foundational 200 hour yoga teacher training course. This is course is an advanced version of that.

If you are ready to take your yoga practice to the next level and want to increase the number of students coming to your class, then join the Wild Abundant Life’s 7 Day Transformation certification. The course is available both online and in-studio.

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