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11/13/2016 12:00:00 AM

 Hi Deb,

Do you guys offer any discounts on your 500 Hour programming if I pay for all 8 modules at once versus paying for them separately? Or does the rate stay the same?  I have a no-interest credit card, so if I’ll save a significant amount, I’d be willing to pay for the training all at once.

Can you tell me about your discount options for early payment?

Debbie's Answer:

We offer one of the least expensive 300/500 Hour Trainings on the market with the total program cost (if you purchase modules individually by early bird deadlines) coming in at only $5,460 (full price is $7590).

But, to answer your question, YES, if you purchase the entire program at once, we give you $1,470 off the super early bird rate ($3660 off full price) and you pay only $3990.

I’d say use the credit card if you can, because that’s a pretty decent savings.

If you decide to stick with buying your modules a la carte (one by one), we do offer 3 tiers of early bird pricing for every program, meaning the earlier you purchase your modules, the more you’ll save.

$5460 is the cost for purchasing all modules individually at the super early bird rate (which is generally with a purchase 3 months prior to the module start date of each module). Email info@wildabundantlife.com if you have questions.


  1. Download the 300/500 Hour planning log to help create your training plan. 

  2. Visit the Class Schedule Page here on our site and choose the dates you wish to attend. Know that you can always switch to another event with no problem if you’d paid in full. 

  3. Complete your purchase ($3,990 total for 300/500 Hour Program) by logging into the Wild Abundant Life Mind Body Online Payment Center

  4. Use your planning log to keep track of which you modules attend (we will too) and once you’ve completed all 8 modules, you’re done and we give you a 300 Hour Certificate. 

If you have already completed a 200 Hour training, once you upload your certificate into the Yoga Alliance website, you’ll immediately be offered the opportunity to pay and upgrade your certificate into a 500 Hour Registry (this is why we list everything on our site as 300 / 500 Hour).

Questions? Send us a text at 617-435-8683 or email info@wildabundantlife.com.

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