Do You Really Need to Be an RYT 200 to Teach Yoga in the U.S?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

If you're thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, you've probably heard about RYT 200. It is currently the gold standard for teaching yoga in the United States. But is it really a hard and fast rule to teach yoga or do you have any other options?
  • Do you really need to be an RYT 200 in order to teach yoga to people?
Here are some facts and other factors to consider if you are on your way to becoming a yoga teacher.

What Exactly is RYT 200?

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) is a designation given by the Yoga Alliance U.S to an individual who has completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification. The requirements set by the alliance are based on the content and hours of the certification, for example, 200 yoga teacher training must teach at least 20 hours of yoga anatomy training.
There are many yoga schools in the country that offer 200-hour yoga teacher training courses. But the studio has to submit their curriculum to Yoga Alliance before they can become a Registered Yoga School.
  • A Registered Yoga School (RYS) is approved by the Yoga Alliance of the U.S to officially offer yoga training courses that meet the standards and requirements of this international yoga body. Individuals who complete the 200hr yoga teacher training course from an RYS automatically become certified by the Alliance.

How Important is RYT 200 to Teach Yoga?

  • One of the biggest factors to consider whether you need to finish a yoga teacher training certification or not is based on where you will be teaching yoga. The location of teaching is the key.
There are certain gyms and yoga studios that require all of their yoga instructors to hold the RYT 200 certifications in order to teach yoga to students. If you are planning to teach yoga to individuals at home or a yoga school that does not require teachers to have certifications, then you may not need an RYT 200.
  • If you are not sure where you will be teaching yoga after completing the yoga training course, it is best to complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training program because it will automatically register you with Yoga Alliance and you’ll have plenty of options available to you.
For more about yoga teacher training and continuing education in yoga, it is a good idea to call all the registered yoga schools and gyms in your area and ask about their requirements. You can also talk to local yoga teachers in your area and get the facts straight.
  • For instance, at Abundant Wild Life, a registered yoga school, we require all our teachers to hold yoga certifications such as the 200, 300, and 500 yoga teacher training certifications.

Your Students Will Respect You More

  • One of the biggest reasons why an individual may choose to complete a yoga teacher training certifications is because it earns them more respect in the eyes of their students.
Anyone who has an interest in yoga knows that there are certain standards to be followed, and those standards and rules are set by the Yoga Alliance. Having a certification on your name will only give you more authority and it will earn the respect of your students.
  • Think of the certification as a degree. Would you ever go to a doctor or dentist who does not have a degree or certification in their specialized field? We probably know the answer to this. In yoga, it is pretty much the same.
The certification is proof that you have gone through vigorous training to meet the standards by the most respected yoga body in the world.

It Also Depends on Your Long-Term Goals

Do you dream to own a yoga studio of your own? If you see yourself owning a yoga studio in the future, then completing these certifications is necessary for you.
  • Yoga is an ancient and vast practice. The only way to be able to teach everything that is within the practice is to become a master, and the only way you can become a master yogi is to complete all the registered yoga training certifications and the continuing education courses that come afterward.

Believe it or not, the best yoga teachers in the world have completed more than 1000 hours of teacher training. If you want to stand beside the best, then consider completing all the courses.

The best way to start your journey as a yoga instructor is to complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training program. It will introduce you to all the foundations to advance your practice.

Our Yoga Teacher Training programs take you deeper into the many layers of yoga and help you build the confidence you need to find your voice. Check the 2019 yoga teacher training schedule today if you are interested in becoming a student at our studio.

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