3 Tips On Starting Your Own Yoga Studio

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Opening a yoga studio in the U.S is a very lucrative business if you know what you are doing. If you’ve made your mind to teach students, be prepared to give it all. Yoga is an ancient practice that demands optimum physical and mental well-being. But when it comes to turning it into a business, you have to follow certain standards to be successful.

But the good news is that yoga is a very booming business and more and more young individuals are entering this field and the customer base is fast increasing as well.

So if you are ready to open your own yoga business, here are some essential tips from yoga owners that will help you kickstart your journey.

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor

  • One of the first things you need to do before you open your personal yoga student is to get yourself recognized by an authority such as Yoga Alliance USA. To get certified, you will have to complete the basic Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours course and the more advanced 300/500 yoga teacher training certifications from a registered yoga school.

As it turns out, Wild Abundant Life, a Registered Yoga School (RYS) is a great place to start your journey. The studio offers all the basic and advanced certifications to get you ready to turn your practice into a business. Moreover, they have some of the best continuing education courses available which can be taken both in-studio and online.

Lay Down a Solid Business Plan

  • Before you open a yoga studio, it is very important to plan ahead. What is your budget? What is the available capital? What kind of yoga practice will you teach at your studio? Will you have enough money to keep your business floating for the first six months even if you don’t get enough students?

Make sure you include the current rate of admission and monthly fee in your business plan. The plan must clearly outline how much you will be charging for your classes, what will be your packages and whether you plan to hire yoga instructors or keep them as freelancers.

  • If you are starting your business in a commercial area, you will have to keep in mind the rent and expenses of the building. You will also have to keep the management staff to help the studio running undisturbed.

Build Your Customer Base Before You Begin

  • One of the most important things to do is to build your customer base before you start with your classes. If you have already completed the yoga certifications mentioned above, there is a good chance that you are already teaching yoga at a studio.

If that is the case, start by letting your current students know that you are going to open your own yoga studio. Let them spread the word of your new school. Start a Facebook page and advertise yourself as a new business headed by a certified yoga trainer. Once you have all the certifications and experience of a yoga studio, you will easily be able to attract a bunch of new students when you begin.

  • These students will help you bring more people as they spread the word of your studio. You can even start with free trial classes every day or weekend to let people see what you offer. This is a great way to market your business as well as secure new clients.

Last but not the least, do not stop educating yourself in the practice of yoga. There are several yoga courses available at Wild Abundant Life designed to help you advance your practice and your career in yoga.

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