3 Things That Can Help You Become a Better Private Yoga Instructor

Thursday, December 26, 2019

One of the best ways to increase your income within yoga practice is to work with private clients. In group classes, the students usually pay a small fee because everyone knows that they will not be paid individual attention with a lot of people in the same classes.

In private lessons, things change. The yoga instructor’s attention is exclusively directed to one client only making sure that they fulfill all the needs of the individual. The private student also gets a better understanding of the practice when they are in a private session.

While it isn’t challenging to get a private student, once you have one, you will be surprised how quickly the word of your private classes spread. If you create an environment that is productive, professional and positive in all aspects, your student is likely going to spread the word like fire.

If you are struggling with taking your private yoga classes to the next level, these three steps will help you shift the gears in a positive direction and hopefully increase the number of private students you get.

Know Your Client Well

  • Before you begin a private session with a student, have them fill a small form that will give you an idea of who they are. Try to learn as much as possible about your client including their personal experience with yoga, their health, and medical history and what they expect from the lessons.

This will give you enough knowledge and tools to prepare your lessons appropriately. And if you are working with a special client, it will help you tailor the lesson according to their situation.

Have a Contract Ready


  • You may be thrilled to finally work with a new private client but that doesn’t mean that you cross the boundaries of your business. You have to make sure that you stay within the boundaries of your business and let the client sign a formal contract that lists down all the important aspects, terms and conditions.

For instance, you must let them know how much you charge for a private session and whether they are allowed to bring with them a friend, sibling, children or a caretaker. Also mention whether you are willing to travel to their space or not and if you do, let them know how much additional charge will incur for them.

  • Include a cancellation policy so your client knows when to cancel their membership with you and how much additional money they will have to pay for cancellation. Make sure the contract is well understood by the client and that they sign it before the sessions begin.

Invest in a Private Yoga Training Certification

Many Registered Yoga Schools offer 200-hour teacher training courses and other certifications that enable you to tackle the toughest of clients and meet their individual needs. But when private yoga lessons are involved, things are a bit different.

A private yoga lesson is not the same as teaching yoga to a group of students. You will require the necessary tools to make sure that your private yoga clients are satisfied. In your private sessions, you will likely face clients that have special needs and other conditions.

A private yoga training certification with Wild Abundant Life will give you the necessary tools to add Private Yoga Training clients to your current business while exploring: sport-specific training (pros & sports teams), rehab strategies, working with special populations, assessment and realignment of the body, appropriate sequences, progressions and modifications, and creating client breakthroughs. Includes suggested session formats, pricing, and curricular outlines.

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