3 Important Teaching Tips Every Yoga Instructor Must Know

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Yoga teachers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders that go beyond just teaching different yoga poses. Becoming an instructor of this ancient practice is a life-changing experience that enables you to share this great knowledge with others.

You are someone who is responsible for spreading the wisdom by getting your skills honed in a teacher training course and participating in several other continuing education courses of yoga. YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) is a course designed to help you provide the right tools and knowledge required to teach others about this amazing practice.

Since yoga itself isn’t just limited to a physical practice, but rather a lifestyle, for many students, a connection with the teacher is necessary for them to successfully implement it into their lives. To teach yoga effectively, you should follow the teaching tips below.

Explain and Demonstrate Everything In Detail

  • Yoga teachers who are serious about spreading the knowledge always plan ahead and design their class by building thoughtful sequences. The plan should go beyond asanas and help students with breathwork and anatomical breakdown of the body so that they get the message behind every single pose.

Thus it is very important for you as a yoga instructor to explain everything in detail. Demonstrate what you are about to teach and offer adjustments whenever needed for your students.

Create Your Class According To Your Students

  • While it is okay to have a generic class outline, great yoga teachers make an effort to customize their classes according to their students. Learn about your students when they come in and design a class according to their needs.

For instance, your class may have students will specific injuries or women who are pregnant - thus investing time to customize your class so that each and every student feels at home is something you should always consider.

  • There’s quite a bit of benefit for you customizing the class too - for instance, by better knowing your students and their needs, it will be easier for you to offer adjustments or modifications to your class.

Keep Learning And Continue To Evolve

  • Yoga is a vast knowledge and does not end with the Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour certification. Beyond the entry-level course, there is a 300 and 500 teacher training course waiting for you. And once you have completed these three major courses, and are certified by the Yoga Alliance U.S, you can continue to learn and hone your skills further as a teacher.

Wild Abundant Life, a Registered Yoga School in Illinois, has hundreds of small to big yoga courses available both in-studio and online for aspiring teachers. If you want to take your career in yoga a step further, continue learning more about the practice by enrolling yourself in one or more of the courses available from our school.

There are several courses that provide you with the individual skills needed to meet the needs of your students. For example, in order to teach yoga to kids and seniors, you would want to enroll yourself in the Yoga for Kids program and Senior Yoga certification. Both intend to equip you with the right tools to teach these special students.

Check the schedule of our yoga courses and enroll yourself in one today. We offer an early bird discount too.

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