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3 Tips For Selecting The Right Yoga Teacher Training For You

Considering enrolling yourself in a Yoga Teacher Training program? Here are three tips we believe will help you enroll in the right course. Read before you book a spot.
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3 Important Teaching Tips Every Yoga Instructor Must Know

Being a yoga instructor has a lot of responsibilities. Learn the 3 most important teaching tips to make your yoga class a lot better for your students.
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3 Tips On Starting Your Own Yoga Studio

Decided to open your own yoga studio in the U.S? Here is everything you need to know from successful yoga business owners.
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3 Essential Tips to Make Your Students Feel Secure In Yoga Class

New students often don’t feel safe in a yoga class. Here’s some expert advice from experienced yoga instructors on how you can ease them into your lessons
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4 Reasons Why You Should Create Online Yoga Courses

Double or triple your income through yoga practice by investing your time and effort in creating an online yoga course. Here are some reasons you should do it today.
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4 Things You Need to Know About Being A Yoga Instructor

Decided to become a yoga instructor? Here’s what you need to know about the differences between being a yoga teacher and an instructor.
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What Exactly Do You Learn in The Total Transformation Yoga Teacher Training

Have questions about Total Transformation Yoga Teacher Training Certification? Here’s all you need to know.
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The Biggest Benefits of Yin and Restorative Yoga Practice

Many yoga instructors take Restorative Yoga lightly. Did you know it is an advanced practice? Learn more about it and see the benefits of learning it.
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3 Things That Can Help You Become a Better Private Yoga Instructor

Giving yoga lessons to private clients can significantly boost your income capabilities. However, private lessons are very different and here is how you can become good.
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A Guide to Teaching Pranayama Breathwork for Yoga Instructors

Teaching Pranayama breathwork to your students is not an easy task. Our expert instructors have developed this guide to help new yoga instructors get a good grip on this practice.
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