Yin & Restorative Yoga Weekend

300/500 Hour Module, Open-To-All:  Explore these healing modalities of yoga through discussion, physical practice, Q & A and interactive projects over the course of this 500 hour weekend module.

You will learn / leave with:

• the very distinctive differences between Yin & Restorative
• how Yin & Restorative can be used for well being
• which clients will benefit from each / who should NOT practice these styles
• specific tools to be applied in any class (even power vinyasa!)
• history, development & theory (including benefits, when to practice & more)
• sample class formats & sequencing
• modifications, alternate poses
• private practice / yoga therapy – building a business / prescribing healing homework

This is a 300/500 Hour Module (Wild Abundant Life), however you do not have to be a yoga teacher to attend, so it is also classified as OPEN-TO-ALL. Non-teachers who are curious about self-healing or exploration are encouraged to attend.

Who Can Attend & How Do I Apply?

Every one of our 300/500 hour modules exists as a stand-alone program and can be attended by anyone with interest, as well as by yoga teachers pursuing advanced 300/500 credentials.  We’d rather have you come for pure curiosity & love of learning than for the certification.

No Application is required to begin the 300/500 Hour program.  Simply register for any one of the eight required modules individually, as they fit, or purchase the entire program in advance for $1,000 off  full tuition.   It may be helpful to download and print the 500 Hour Planning Log to help track and schedule in all of the necessary modules.

Want help with questions or logistics?

Talk our Teacher Training Specialist 

She can help with program placement, housing & logistics, payment plans, dates, locations and more.

Send a text to 630-291-4884 to schedule a time, or email info@wildabundantlife.com.