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debbie_blueWild Abundant Life Yoga Teacher Training, (200 HR + 300/500 HR), created are all about creating a life that is thoughtful, powerful & ever-evolving. As you learn, so you share and teach with others, conveying information and inspiration in equal parts to the students who come to you for guidance.

We’re best known for creating life-changing experiences.

A training with Wild Abundant Life is about much more than learning how to teach. We look at your whole life, and how you show up every day, to give you tools to genuinely make your life and choices your own. You’ll leave with greater confidence and the knowing that you truly can do anything you set your mind to.

We’re also known for creating Absolutely Amazing Teachers.

All of our programming is designed to help you thrive in the professional fields of yoga, contribution and transformation. In every program we offer (basic, advanced or otherwise), you’ll get hands on experience and practice teaching opportunities. We believe the best teachers are those who teach and teach often, but we also work with tools, tricks and techniques to help you access and use your own natural gifts, strengths, core passion and creativity.

You will emerge from training in full expression and contribution, even if you don’t want to teach.

While we love to guide and support yoga teachers, in truth, our bigger mission is how you walk in the world.

Our programs will reconnect you with your inner knowing and wisdom as a someone who inspires by example. You’ll never “wait for the right time” again, as you’ll have had first-hand experience in creating your own life with purpose. You will start to see and make your own opportunities when you want them. Whether you teach yoga or not (many who swear they wouldn’t find themselves called after training), you’ll walk the world with more joy, confidence and connection.

How & Where We Operate

Wild Abundant Life Yoga Teacher Trainings Programs (200 and 300/500) are registered with the Yoga Alliance and with Wisconsin’s Educational Approval Board (category: Movement & Mind Body Therapies & Education). We hold regular trainings in Wisconsin, Illinois, Las Vegas, and Iowa. All in-person trainings count for Yoga Alliance continuing education.

Want help with questions or logistics?

Talk our Teacher Training Specialist 

She can help with program placement, housing & logistics, payment plans, dates, locations and more.

Send a text to 630-291-4884 to schedule a time, or email info@wildabundantlife.com.


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Why Train with Wild Abundant Life?

Experience: Our team has taught over 25,000 yoga classes in the past 30 years, and has been teaching teachers for over 15. Our entire team of teachers have thriving businesses and both teach and attend trainings often to stay fresh and relevant.

Success Rate: Our graduates thrive and teach all around the world. Many begin teaching yoga professionally often before training is complete.

We’ll support you in making area connections to get hired, and share resources and job opportunities long after training is complete. If you want to teach, we’ll support you!

Lifetime Mentorship: Once you’ve taken a program with Wild Abundant Life, you’ve become a part of our community. You’ll have access to Debbie and senior teachers via text, email and phone for life.

We encourage you to stay in touch, ask questions and share your triumphs with us. We want you to create an amazing business of contribution, and we stick with you to see it happen.