Senior Yoga Certification

Senior Yoga Certification

300/500 Hour Module, Open-To-All:
  Seniors face increasing challenges and big life changes.

Yoga helps with functional strength, healthy range of motion, and a positive stress-response. Learn to see and speak to Seniors as powerful and relevant human beings while offering methods that support graceful aging and total well-being.

Get Chair, Restorative and other age-appropriate techniques including:

  • anatomy / physiology for the changing needs of Seniors
  • sequencing for aging bodies
  • breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system
  • modifications/propping for safety & ease.

Note: This module can be taken in place of Yoga Personal Training Certification if you are taking it for 300/500 Hour credit. You may also take this module as a stand alone program, even if you aren’t taking the the 300/500 Hour program.

*300/500 HR Module but Open-to-All
*Counts for 26 Continuing Education Hours with Yoga Alliance

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