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We offer a number of online training to move you forward in your business and your life.  Most trainings combine Live Webinars, pre-recorded content, textbooks, interactive quizzes and comprehension exams in our interactive online software. Many are self-paced, meaning you can start and finish when it’s most convenient for you.

Senior Yoga Certification – $595

STARTS FALL OF 2018 / PRE-REGISTER NOW FOR $100 OFF – Wild Abundant Life Principal, Debbie Russo, is the founder of and the Senior Yoga Online Certification.  Learn more / register for this training directly at

Seniors face increasing challenges as time goes on, and big life changes. A yoga practice can help to maintain functional strength, healthy range of motion, and a positive stress-response. In this training, learn all you need to know to create specialty yoga programming for Seniors. Learn to see and speak to Seniors as powerful and relevant human beings while training their bodies & minds in methods that support graceful aging and total well-being. Get important techniques to safely and effectively teach Chair, Restorative and other age-appropriate Senior Yoga techniques, including but not limited to:

  • tips to empower, inspire & motivate your Senior yogis on & off the mat
  • anatomy / physiology specific to the changing needs of Seniors
  • safe & effective sequencing & poses for aging bodies
  • breathing techniques to soothe the nervous system
  • modifications & propping for safety & ease


Lead Your First Retreat – $49.99

START ANYTIME/REGISTER NOW. One of our most popular online programs –  Join us for a self-paced course with all videos / information designed to help you get your first retreat on the books sooner rather than later!  Want to travel to Beautiful Places and Get Paid to Teach what you Love? Interested in Harnessing the Power of Retreats to Boost Your Entire Business? Host your first retreat in any business! Get time-saving details, common yet avoidable pitfalls (to save you thousands of $$$), while creating amazing programming that matters.  Includes: 30 Day access to online training, Amazing Digital Manual (print & keep if you wish), 12 program videos + interactive & graded online lessons to help you learn and take action.


Online Yoga Life Coach Certification – $995


Join Wild Abundant Life / Yoga Life Coach Certification for an online exploration of her most popular program to date:  Yoga Life Coach Certification, featuring all-new and more extensive program curriculum to support the online learning environment. This online certification helps you (as client and coach) move past the ideas of right or wrong and into steady and consistent creation of new exciting and practical possibilities. Every choice represents a new path with more room for exploration. Whether you wish to improve your own life or pursue a career path as a Yoga Life Coach, you will have full support and robust curriculum to get you there.


  • extensive online curriculum videos with Debbie
  • interactive online training software with assignments, comprehension quizzes & more
  • 1 20 minute Coaching session with Wild Abundant Life staff
  • Excuses, Be Gone (book) by Wayne Dyer
  • Biology of Belief (book) by Bruce Lipton
  • The Big Leap (book) by Gay Hendricks
  • Essential Oils Emotional Aromatherapy Kit + Diffuser

Note:  $12 up-charge will be processed for international participants to cover additional shipping.


Corporate Yoga:  How to Break in & Make a Living – $49.99

START ANYTIME/REGISTER NOW.  Are you interested in breaking into corporate yoga but not sure how? Interested in creating an additional revenue stream or building a specialty business just for corporations? Learn how to create steady and lucrative business in the corporate yoga world through classes and Yoga Personal Training sessions. Bring yoga to the workplace and elevate the world!

You will learn:

  • how to target / entice new corporate clients
  • how to create customized corporate yoga contracts
  • how to price your services in differing situations
  • how to market your corporate yoga business


  • All program videos
  • Self-paced online training software and tools
  • Amazing Digital Manual (print & keep if you wish)


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