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200 Hour Teacher Training

The Wild Abundant Life Teacher Training is unlike any other.  Wild Abundant Life School Director Lauren Duncan brings her hands-on experience and proven teaching principles to you. Expect to teach on day one, and teach a lot. You’ll leave confident in your abilities as a teacher.

2018 Teacher Training Schedule

March 30 – July 1 Weekend Program in De Pere, Wisconsin at The Fitness Firm
June 18 – July 3 Immersion Program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at E2 YOGA and FITNESS

Training can be completed in one of two formats:

  • Immersion Program – (16 Days)
  • Weekend and Wednesday Program

Both options include full hours, curriculum and requirements for a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School.

* Completion of this program results in a 200 Hour Certification that can be registered with the Yoga Alliance. See credentials section, below.

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Curious Minds Want to Know

Our accepted participants are eager for challenge, curious and enthusiastic about new knowledge, interested in making a difference and hungry to grow and expand. Train with us because you love yoga and learning new things. You’ll get an unbelievable wealth of information and tools that will help you in teaching, and in life!

Who Should Apply?

Previously certified teachers, those who want to teach, and those who just want to learn more about yoga are equally encouraged to apply.

This training is about your life – it is for those who dare to live a life fueled by passion, purpose and a noble pursuit. What impact do you want to have? How do you want to show up for the people around you? What is the legacy you will leave the world?

You will be coached to your personal zone of genius from wherever you are, and as a side effect, you’ll also become an amazing yoga teacher with a robust and comprehensive program that gives you the information, practice and support to succeed. We are committed to your success in the program & will do our part to support you in any way we can.

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What Credentials Are Provided At Program Completion?

Wild Abundant Life, LLC is a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program regulated by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Board & Registered as a 200 & 300/500 HR Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance.

As such, we are governed by the rules, regulations & standards set forth by these two organizations.

Successful completion of this program (180 contact hours including teaching practicum & written tests & additional homework hours) will result in a 200 Hour Certification with Wild Abundant Life, LLC.

First Time Teachers:  You will have the opportunity to register your teaching certification online with the Yoga Alliance for status of RYT (registered yoga teacher) upon successful program completion.

Previously Certified Teachers:  If you have been previously certified, you may log these hours as continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.

For assistance with questions or logistics

Send a text to 630-291-4884 or email info@wildabundantlife.com.

The Wild Abundant Life Teacher Training is about creating a life that is thoughtful, powerful & ever-evolving.

You may be asked to consider concepts that are different from previous learning. This is to exercise your critical thinking skills & to expand your tool belt. We will give you tools to understand the purpose behind why different options exist so that YOU can purposefully choose what make the most sense for each of your students individually. Every class & student is different.

We will remind you often that There Is No One Right Way to think about or teach yoga.

We will build your confidence by allowing you to practice teaching in a safe environment with real time coaching, interruption, and repetition. At the same time you’re learning more about the science of yoga (asana and beyond), you’ll be learning about the creative art of teaching yoga.

You’ll be challenged to break patterns and stay a little bit uncomfortable, in the space where the greatest learning is possible…

The program is as comprehensive as it is intense. We will also study practical anatomy in motion for yoga (physical & subtle bodies), yoga philosophy & history, creative sequencing, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, one-on-one sessions, business of yoga, yoga as medicine and so much more. We’ll work long hours and hold students to very high standards of participation, conduct and timeliness.

At the same time, we will laugh often and focus on isolating your natural gifts, strengths, core passion, intuition & creativity.

We will teach you:

  • to teach off your mat (so you teach to your students’ bodies, instead of your own)
  • learn to teach with purpose / sequence with intent
  • to trust that your students are strong & capable & worthy of challenge
  • to harness your body’s natural movement mechanics to extend the life of your yoga practice

You will:

  • teach & practice yoga daily (even on day one)
  • be challenged to take healthy risks in your teaching and your life
  • be asked to question what you already know and practice healthy skepticism
  • be asked to consider new perspectives & knowledge / stay in beginner’s mind
  • be asked to complete outside homework assignments / study during training
  • learn how to teach every class to the students in front of you (no auto-pilot)
  • teach a full one-hour class and full one-hour workshop as part of your practicum

** Completion of this program results in a 200 Hour Certification that can be registered with the Yoga Alliance, however Previously certified RYT’s often attend one or both modules to experience more expression, connection and confidence.

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