Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training

300/500 Hour Module, Open-To-All:
IMPORTANT: This module runs 7 am to 9 pm all three days (even the Friday). Plan to take Friday off from work to start early that first morning.

The focus of this training is you, the yoga teacher. What’s working now and where can you go from here?

Expand your definition of vinyasa – move past the repetition of static breath & flow into dynamic, natural expression & connection. Yoga is a conversation, not a script or lecture.

“Your life is your laboratory.”
Deborah Williamson

By letting go of right and wrong (and turning traditional yogic anatomy on its head) you’ll teach and make choices with purpose, precision & ease. Inspire your students with intuitive, customized instruction delivered to suit real people of varying abilities and mindsets.

The only guideline? See yourself (and your students) as powerful, intelligent & capable of more.

Experiment with some the following techniques:

• creating breakthroughs in every class (empowerment for all)
• the art of mini-workshops: whole, part, whole (do, break down, do again)
• minimum, relevant wording / silence & space
• teaching to all (see all students, always)
• fitting the pose to the student (not the student to the pose)
• challenge in motion & challenge in stillness (how to support students in a long hold)

Additional discussion topics will be introduced based on group requests. Past groups have evaluated:

• vinyasa in the context of yin and/or restorative yoga
• moving the bones for maximum range of motion
• teaching special populations (kids, elderly, injured, athletes, etc)
• yoga personal training (one-on-one)
• hands on assisting mini-course
• special events: your first retreat or teacher training
• back bending tricks & tools (to get every body into wheel)
• the business of yoga

COST: See pricing when you click on individual modules below or to the right.

Who Can Attend & How Do I Apply?

Every one of our 300/500 hour modules exists as a stand-alone program and can be attended by anyone with interest, as well as by yoga teachers pursuing advanced 300/500 credentials.  We’d rather have you come for pure curiosity & love of learning than for the certification.

No Application is required to begin the 300/500 Hour program.  Simply register for any one of the eight required modules individually, as they fit, or purchase the entire program in advance for $1,000 off  full tuition.   It may be helpful to download and print the 500 Hour Planning Log to help track and schedule in all of the necessary modules.

Want help with questions or logistics?

kellie_headshot_blondeTalk with Kellie, our Teacher Training Specialist (and Wild Abundant Life, CEO).  Kellie has been with Wild Abundant Life since inception, and lives in Hawaii.

She can help with program placement, housing & logistics, payment plans, dates, locations and more.

Send a text to 617-435-8683 to schedule a time, or email

Note: Kellie is in the Hawaiian Time Zone (5 hours behind central / 6 hours behind eastern). 1 pm central time is 8 am Hawaii time. Please allow extra time for a response due to the time change.



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IMPORTANT: This module runs 7 am to 9 pm all three days (even the Friday). Plan to take Friday off from work to start early that first morning.